0.7.93a is out, huge update

Hey guys, huge update pack is out for public.

-Some lewds added:

-- Battle animations Cat x Succ, Dwarf x Imp, Elf x Gobs are all getting finishers.

--Added Centaur capture quest. Atm its ONE-TIME event you can take at 100+ guild points and starting rank.
If you complete it, you will gain new rank and reset your guild points.

-New Shops introduced
Important change - inventory is now LIMITED. And loot is NOT saved if you got Gameover in dungeon. Now need to carry things outside properly in your limited pockets.
You can carry 16 stacks of items atm. Weapons and armors taking 1 slot per item. You wont be able to buy extra or even loot if your inventory is filled with stuff~ 
So if you have older saves - make sure you sell extra things before updating, they can conflict if you have too much 
things. I probably will increase size to 24 items a bit later. We're preparing for inventory reworks and player Mansion  -which will have proper storage, crafting and stuff like that. So that limit on player inventory wont be that scary with next updates :)

-Added guild quest system, with new interface and stuff
-Added few different quests wiht various minor rewards like extra sketches and fan 4koma.
Later we'll add player mansion where you will be able to repeat capture quests.

-lots of  bugfixing and new code part for quest lines.

We were kinda focused only on lewds previously, and it harmed gameplay. Now we're balancing that a bit, more items, better UIs, more ways to spend money and stuff.


Lewd_maze_0_7_93a_universal.zip 259 MB
May 03, 2019

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Cant launch because:

Error: could not open 'H:\=ютр яряър\lib\i386\jvm.cfg'

previous version was launched without problem

too bad no second floor yet ;p still downloading the new update to see what's up