0_6_74a is out

Quite a few things were added. Now town has proper night-time cycle, and we have example schedule for Dwarf NPC.She will be shopping on weekend day and drinking in tavern at weekend night etc. Which means later on, depending on time and day of the week, not only more building restrictions will be present, but also time-bound H events too. Hopefully it will make town more alive, and allow player to plan things a bit.

-Added Centaur x Dwarf battle H animation. Yay, we almost finished with Dwarf, need 1 more scene.
-Addec Catgirl x Slime girl battle H cum animation 
-Added first Trap H animation. Large 2x2 chest is not working as mimic example.
-Added Dwarf x Goblins animation main loop
-Added Dwarf x Succubus Gameover CG
-Added Slime x Dwarf Gameover CG. 
And so on...


Lewd_Maze_0_6_74a_WIN.7z 234 MB
Dec 30, 2018
Lewd_Maze_0_6_74a_LINUX.7z 234 MB
Dec 30, 2018
Lewdmaze0674a_bat.rar 241 MB
Dec 30, 2018

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