Public build 0.5.65a is out

0.5.54a to 0.5.65a build

-Dwarf x Slime battle animation is done, yay. Will add cum stage for it later. It went really nice this time, we had a great base to work with
-Added Elf x Centaur Gameover CG. Testing new artist to help with CGs, so far guy is doing great job~
-Added Dwarf x Goblins Gameover CG
-Added Dwarf x Centaur Gameover CG (a bit rare, you need to hire Dwarf and to find Centaur in dungeon)
-Added couple more sound effects for testing. SFX system is somewhat working, but turns out but this still needs some improvement. It is still in testing. We added few more sounds to check how it works. Seems fine so far~ 

-Added right mouse button in dungeon as speedup. Now you can use mouse only, instead of Ctrl
-Fixed bug with screen blinking sometimes
-Fixed bug with shops item dupe
-Fixed pathing bug
-Returned 32 bit support, still in testing
-Minor other bug fixes

-software changes for next update

Next update we have plans to add some more content like animations or Cgs, and important gameplay changes - Time, as example. 

Town mode will have proper clock, Day starts from 08-00, and each Player action will cost some time.
After 20-00 dungeon and msot other building will close, and Player will have to find a place to rest. usually Tavern.
So no more easy Brothel cash spam :P
We'll also thinking of adding new events using that time limiter in nearby future. We'll see how it goes~ 


Lewd_Maze_0.5.65a_LINUX.rar 218 MB
Oct 22, 2018
Lewd_Maze_0.5.65a_WIN.rar 218 MB
Oct 22, 2018

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